Drive-Thru Annual Meeting

Lake Region Electric Cooperative is always proud to conduct our annual meeting for our members. The annual meeting is an excellent time of year to come together for fellowship, neighbors, and to cast your vote in your cooperative election.

This year, the continued potential health risk associated with such a large gathering required us to rethink the annual meeting tradition. The safety of our members, employees, and trustees is always the highest priority at LREC.

We are thrilled to host this year’s annual meeting for our members. Not only is it a time when we come together as a cooperative, but it is also part of LREC’s core mission. Democratic member control is one of our seven cooperative principles that guide everything we do. There is nowhere our members get to participate in this democratic process more than the annual meeting. Members have a chance to voice their ideas directly to the cooperative leaders and cast votes for who they want to represent them on the board of trustees.


Everyone Wins!

Each Member who registers and votes will

receive a $30 credit to their electric bill! 



When: Saturday, April 24, 2021

Where: NEW LOCATION - LREC Headquarters 516 Lake Region Rd, Hulbert OK 74441


  • 8:00 am - The drive-thru annual meeting begins
  • Members will receive an annual report and $30 electric bill credit from the cooperative
  • Every member who registers and votes will be entered for a door prize drawing to be held at a later date
  • 1:00 pm - The drive-thru annual meeting ends. Election results will be published on our website, social media, and the member newsletter. 

Please refer to the map below for easy navigation during our drive-thru annual meeting.