Easements are legal documents that allow Lake Region Electric Cooperative or our subsidiary (Lake Region Technology & Communications) to build lines on a member's property.  The landowner still owns the property, but the easement allows access for repairs and maintenance once the line has been installed.  Part of the maintenance in the easement includes cutting and trimming trees under and near the overhead lines.  Keeping the lines free from trees reduces outages and maintains a safe clearance from electrical hazards and service reliability. 

How to correctly complete your easement

  • The easement must be printed on legal size paper (8.5x14).
  • Use black ink on easement
  • The Grantor (member) must be completed with Grantor's printed legal name. In addition, if anyone else has an interest in the property, such as a spouse, a partner, a sibling, etc. they need to also sign the easement. 
  • A description of the Grantor is also required. There is a standard (unmarried), (husband and wife) that can be circled or if neither applies, a description must be written in.
  • Fill in the County where the property is located.
  • If the Grantor has the legal of the easement, it should be described in the "Property Described as follows" area OR should be attached to the easement and the box needs to be checked that says "See Exhibit 'A'" Do not write the entire property's legal description, only the description of the easement. 
    • If the Grantor does not have the description, then the LREC cab creates a description. LREC will need a copy of the Grantor deed so that we can properly describe the centerline of the easement within your property. A copy of your deed can be acquired at the County Clerk's Office. 
    • If LREC is to provide the description, the box for "See Exhibit A" needs to be checked.
  • The Section, Township, and Range must be filled in.
  • The date must be filled in where the Grantor(s) signed
  • The grantor (s) signature must be filled out.
  • The date must be filled in for the Notary's witness portion.
  • The name must be filled in and match the above Grantor(s) printed name.
  • The descriptor of the Grantor(s) must be filled out: person Vs Person; he, she, they, his, her, their. 
  • If the property is in a company name, it is necessary that two officers sign and specify the office they hold. 

If the easement is not fully completed it will be sent back to you for completion. This can delay work to be scheduled.


Example Easement   



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