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The Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives (OAEC) is a statewide association created and voluntarily supported by local electric distribution and generation/transmission cooperatives. OAEC is comprised of 30 member systems: 28 in Oklahoma and two Arkansas systems that have a portion of their membership residing in our state. OAEC or the “Statewide” was formed in September of 1942, to collectively perform services which would not be economical or practical for each individual cooperative to perform alone. 

The purpose of the Statewide organization is to:
  • Obtain the fairest possible treatment from state and federal governments by acquainting Legislators, Congressmen and other officials with the electric cooperative program.
  • Enlist the active support of communities by explaining the value of electric cooperatives to be the local community and the economy.
  • Improve the service quality of member systems by acting as a clearinghouse where leaders can exchange ideas and experiences on common problems or opportunities.
  • Preserve and strengthen individual cooperatives by bringing them supplementary services such as:
    • Safety and loss control programs;
    • legislative research and data tracking services;
    • economic development programs;
    • publication and distribution of Oklahoma Living Magazine;
    • advertising and marketing strategies/campaigns;
    • mutual aid disaster planning and coordination;
    • professional development programs.
OAEC and most of its member systems are Touchstone Energy Cooperatives. Oklahoma's electric cooperatives are proudly "Powering the Needs of New Generations" each and every day.
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